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Teeth Whitening, or teeth bleaching, is a safe, popular and quick dental treatment that will give you long lasting results and enhance your smile. For teeth whitening in Santa Monica & Los Angeles, Dr. David Schlang offers the in office Zoom! Whitening procedure, and also the Ultradent take home teeth whitening treatment, both of which are designed to deliver optimal results.

Is Zoom! Whitening for me?

Determining the teeth whitening regimen which is best for you will rely on many factors such as the current shade of your teeth, pre-existing restorations, and certain conditions such as teeth sensitivity. Teeth that are yellow in shade typically are quicker to respond than teeth that are grayish or brown. Some teeth may require a combination of take home tray and in office whitening in order to get an optimal result. If you have cracked chipped or severely discolored teeth, then other cosmetic procedures such as veneers may be considered after whitening

How does Zoom! Whitening work?

Zoom!, is a clinically proven whitening system, that uses a powerful light activated gel that oxidizes surface stains without damaging the structure of the tooth itself. After the tooth whitening gel is applied, a UV lamp is used to activate the whitening agent. The procedure is divided into 3 fifteen minute sessions with fresh gel applied at each session. The entire procedure usually takes about a little over an hour, and for patients that follow all recommended protocols, teeth can brighten up to eight shades lighter.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Will my teeth hurt after whitening?

The biggest complication from teeth whitening is sensitivity to cold after the procedure. Zoom teeth whitening by Philips combats this problem by using a variable intensity light, and by incorporating desensitizing agents in the whitening materials that are used during the procedure.

What causes discoloration and staining?

There are many causes of tooth staining and discoloration. Besides well-known culprits like coffee, red wine, and soda, the normal process of aging itself also causes discoloration. As we age, teeth darken 2-3 shades every 10 years due to diet and thinning enamel. Tobacco use, some medications, and eating dark-colored fruits and vegetables also contribute to the problem.

How long do I need to bleach my teeth?

The effectiveness of teeth whitening compounds can be impacted by many things such as: Gender – Age – Starting tooth color – Strength of bleach – Application method. Teeth whitening with a system that uses LED light activation, such as Zoom!, dramatically decreases treatment time and significantly increases whitening results. Also, teeth whitening is cumulative, so the more someone whitens over time, as in more contact time with whitening ingredients, the quicker and lighter teeth will become.

What are the types of tooth stains?

There are two types of tooth staining, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic staining occurs when colored compounds found in fluids accumulate on the outer layer of the tooth. Increased staining happens with foods that have a high concentration of polyphenolic compounds such as coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine. Ultrasonic scalers and abrasive polishing compounds are used to remove these types of stains. Intrinsic staining is discoloration that is in the outer layer of the tooth, where dark pigmented molecules are fused into the tooth structure itself. Causes can be genetic, trauma, medications, aging or again with certain foods. These types of stain are treated with bleaching.

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