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If you have problems with snoring when you sleep, or suspect that you might have sleep apnea, and are interested in a dental appliance, Dr. David Schlang can help diagnose and make an Optisleep theraputic appliance to treat your condition.

What Is

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is very common disorder that causes pauses in breathing and snoring while you sleep, up to 30 times or more hour. Basically, the person suffering from sleep apnea is suffocating during sleep. This results in a decrease in the quality of sleep, causing tiredness as well as other health issues.


Loud snoring is one of the most common signs of OSA. Snoring is generated by the soft tissues in the throat area vibrating as air passes over during breathing. The level of snoring is related to how constricted or narrowed the airway is. When the airway becomes completely or almost completely blocked, then obstructive sleep apnea can occur.

Increased health problems due to OSA: Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, mood changes, weight gain, tiredness.

Some common causes of OSA are: Large tongue or tonsils, aging, enlargement of the soft palate, and being overweight.


dental sleep appliance

Oral appliance therapy is a first choice treatment solution for mild to moderate OSA. The OPTSLEEP therapeutic appliance helps to reduce snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea among adults while they sleep, buy keeping the lower jaw slightly forward. In doing so, it helps to keep the airway open by preventing the soft tissue in the throat from collapsing and blocking the airway.

Dental Sleep Appliance services including: Night Guards and Invisalign.

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