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Before and After CEREC Veneers

cerec dental crowns pic before and after

Before and After CEREC Bridge

Before and After CEREC Bridge

CEREC Dental Bridge


A playground accident resulted in the fracturing of two of this young patients front teeth.
CEREC was used to fabricate same day dental restorations and restore her damaged smile.

This patient was unhappy with her smile and also was suffering from decay and failing composite restorations.
The patient was anesthetized and the teeth prepared for four CEREC IPS Empress crowns which were made while the patient waited, and then cemented at the same appointment.

This patient complained of pain when biting even soft foods. An examination revealed a crack through an existing silver filling. A CEREC same day crown was done in a single visit.


Before and After Smile Makeover

This patient wanted to change his smile, the treatment included Invisalign, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and CEREC porcelain veneers.


Before and After Zoom Whitening

Before and After Zoom Whitening


This patient was unhappy with the shape of her front crowns, but also wanted all of her teeth lighter.
In office Zoom teeth whitening was done followed by replacement of her upper front crowns.

This patient had lost his front tooth several years prior in an accident. He had been using a removable flipper for years but wanted something permanent without having to do a dental implant. A traditional fixed bridge was fabricated and matched to the color of his bottom front teeth.


This patient only had a few dental veneers she wanted replaced, but she also wanted everything whiter.
Dental teeth whitening was done followed by the placement of 4 porcelain dental veneers. See if you can tell which ones have the veneers.

This patient wanted to improve the aesthetics of her upper teeth, without having to spend a lot of money.
Two porcelain dental veneers were placed, combined with teeth whitening and composite restorations.


This patient had previously had traditional orthodontics when she was younger. A relapse due to improper retention resulted in moderate anterior crowding on her lower front teeth. With Invisalign she was able to straighten her teeth in just under 8 months.

The severe crowding seen in the before picture was a source of embarrassment for the patient, he never smiled and avoided meeting new people.
Invisalign not only straightened his teeth, it also gave him confidence and freed his personality. He smiles all the time now.


This patient had a severe breakdown of his entire dentition. Several root canals were performed along with extractions. Transitional bridges and crowns were placed while the extraction sites healed. After complete healing of the edentulous areas, all of the teeth were reconstructed with crowns and bridges.

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