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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth
Rehabilitation | Occlusal Disease

There are times when simple fillings, crowns, or single dental implants aren’t enough to completely restore your mouth. Sometimes, what is needed is a full mouth rehabilitation, especially if you’ve suffered major tooth decay, oral trauma, or destroyed teeth. Some of the restorative procedures utilized can include, veneers, crowns, and bridges. Surgical procedures might include bone grafting and dental implants. Orthodontic treatment to move misaligned teeth, and endodontic procedures to treat the tooth nerve may also be necessary.

If you have severely worn down and broken teeth, you most likely have what is called occlusal disease and are a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. Occlusal disease is a destructive pathological bite process that is often overlooked during dental visits often being dismissed as natural aging or wearing. Occlusal disease can often lead to decay and tooth loss, as well as contribute to TMJ disorder. For most cases, the bite has to be opened up and crowns or onlays placed to restore the lost vertical dimension.

Full Mouth

For those patients that have teeth that are beyond repair due to trauma or cavities, or possibly have advanced gum disease; full mouth reconstruction is needed to replace and rebuild the dentition.


The best choice for full mouth reconstruction is a full arch implant supported fixed bridge.

The first step, for many patients, is feeling comfortable at the dentist’s office. It’s common for patients to experience discomfort and anxiety while at the dentist, but our sedation dentistry is a great solution. Sedation dentistry works to relieve patients of fear and anxiety, using nitrous oxide, medications, or IV to calm their nerves. All of our sedation dentistry treatments are safe to use and make any procedure more comfortable for our patients.

When you have damaged, infected, or decaying teeth and need full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction, it can be difficult and even feel uncomfortable pursuing proper dental help.

A lot of people are starting to realize that having good oral health is more than something physical. The social, psychological, and emotional implications of a perfect smile are also important. We here at Dr. Schlang’s office understand this. We know that once you have your mouth rehabilitated, you’ll feel better about yourself, be more confident, and live a fuller life.

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