Keeping Your Teeth Clean On The Road


Your teeth are probably one of the last things you think about on a business trip or family vacation. Going on the road is not a good excuse to leave proper dental care at home. Taking care of your teeth is as important as anything else you do on the road.

What can you do to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best while away? It starts with having the right game plan.

Eat healthy foods

The temptation to consume sugary foods for meals or snacks can be tempting while traveling because it is so convenient. Sugary foods are a bad idea no matter where you are. It is bad for your teeth if you can’t brush them right away. Sugar eats away at your tooth enamel and causes cavities to form over time. Choose healthier snacks that will not weaken your teeth. Pack vegetables in a cooler for snacks. Drink water instead of sodas or punches.

Keep your teeth clean

It isn’t always possible to brush and floss after every meal on the road. You should continue to do these things both morning and night. During the day — after meals and snacks — you can keep your teeth free from food particles and bacteria that cause plaque with chewing gum. It promotes the production of saliva, which washes these things away. Choose gum that is sugar free.

Create a dental travel kit

Always pack a dental travel kit on long road trips. A dental kit should contain toothpaste, a toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash. Keep it stored in your briefcase or luggage, so you don’t accidentally leave it behind on your next trip.

Prepare for emergencies

Consult with your dentist on preparing for a dental emergency. They can give you a list of items to include in a dental tool kit. This might include pain relievers, antiseptics and gauze to treat any dental trauma until you can get help. Your dentist can probably even connect you with a local dentist at your destination who can help you in an emergency. Reserve some time to get a checkup before you leave home, so you can reduce the risk of dental emergencies from occurring.

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© Copyright 2013-2021. David Schlang, DDS.